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Hollywood Acting Master Class



“Acting is being fully present, fully committed and willing to be affected  by your scene partner and the words of the scene.”

D. David Morin


HAMC was founded by Hollywood actor & award-winning filmmaker D. David Morin, who spent 40 years in the trenches of “the industry”. Morin knows every facet of the profession & is passionate about passing on his knowledge.

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The Hollywood Acting Master Class is an intensive course/workshop for students, models, actors, or anyone keen on TV & Film. We teach you “what to do & how to do it” to get a job & handle yourself on a real set. No acting ability is required! Classes have been offered in Nairobi, Cairo, and Cape Town.


Each class we do a proper casting and then shoot a scene on a “hot set” with boom mics, lights, cameras, a clapper, extras, & a script super, all to teach you to concentrate & focus and BE A PRO. We teach and equip students to be a working professional, including creating show reels.

Our only rule: KNOW YOUR LINES & BE ON TIME!

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This is what we do!

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Youth weekend workshop in Nelspruit

What we do
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Cape Town - 8 Week Course

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HAMC in-school pop-up classes

Pneumatix Performing Arts Academy

Parklands College Drama Dept

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HAMC TV Commercial Casting Workshops

Cape Town

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HAMC Short Films w/ HAMC Students

DISOWNED - Cape Town 48 Hour Project


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Acting Reels

Brian Ogola

Petronela Dawood

Decklin Danes

Rosco Roman

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We are making our own TV show with HAMC graduates.  Check us out:

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10 Rules to be a Pro

  1. know your lines and be on time!

  2. no “I’m sorry”, only “got it!”

  3. know your lines so well if you got hit by a truck you’d get up with your next line!

  4. you must give yourself permission to be an artist, to be an actor!

  5. give yourself entitlement to belong, to compete, to work as an actor!

  6. you must answer “who said you could be an actor?” with “I DID!” and mean it!

  7. always answer everything with GOT IT…emails, texts, agents, calltimes, acting notes!

  8. no cellphones on set or seen in class. Be a pro. Be present. Watch and learn!

  9. always look at your scene partner’s eye closest to lens.

  10. always be early to castings and to set, be glad to be there, be a good example!


“David’s acting classes have been such an incredible experience for me. Being at HAMC gives you an opportunity to work on set, which ultimately makes you very confident in front of the camera. You learn to accept challenges, take direction and overcome insecurities, helping and guiding you to get that confidence in front of the camera. Teaching you all about how to do it professionally.


His honesty and expertise allow you to grow so much as an actor. You learn how to be a professional and stand out from the crowd. As an actress, I have taken many acting classes and this is the first one that makes you feel like you are a serious actor/actress regardless of your acting level. 


It gives you so much confidence to believe in your ability and it allows you to walk into an audition room professionally and ready to act. Furthermore, It equips you with the tools you need to market yourself as a professional. 


You will leave this class ready to work! If you want to take yourself seriously an actress/actor, you need to take this class! I cannot recommend it highly enough. I am so grateful to have found HAMC. 


Thank you, David!” 

Emerald Johnson



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