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OMG!! Absolutely wonderful! - I learned quite a bunch of new things in just 3 hours of my first workshop - If you're looking to pursue your passion for acting this is the place to be. I believe in myself, I am motivated to go out there and push forward! I would definitely recommend HAMC ! 


David really knows his stuff, knows how to work with people and has had a remarkable amount of experience! This will change your life if you're really serious about it and have great intentions! Got it? 


Now get the camera rolling folks. This is not the type of workshop to just sit and take notes! How often do you get to perform and watch the playback as you learn? Definitely quality if you ask me!!! 

-Dominique Williams

HAMC 10 Dec.jpeg
HAMC 10 Dec Info 2.jpeg
HAMC 10 Dec Info.jpeg
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